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We are a team of innovators who empower our customers through Microsoft solutions and services

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Hitachi Solutions North America is a global cloud-services, systems integrator with leading capabilities across all Microsoft applications and technologies. We support and accelerate our customers’ digital transformation initiatives – from inception to infinity & beyond.

We embrace Microsoft’s mission – to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more’ through the Hitachi Solutions lens.

Our mindset is constant: People-first. Experience-led. Customer-driven.

We are 100% Microsoft platform focused
We are immersed in all things innovative technology
We are zeroed in on being our customers’ best partner for life

What does that mean exactly?

We employ people who are not just bright, dexterous & conscientious but possess a customer-focused sparkle.

Know-how is crucial and we endorse our employees to bloom big. Our ever-evolving development and training programs are geared toward a team-oriented environment where passion, development and innovation collide.

We are the navigational beacon for all-things technology.  Our team of world-class specialists and professionals create tailored business solutions that allow our customers to focus on their core business.   An eagerness to wow and delight our customers is an absolute must.

Hitachi Solutions North America unlocks and brings potential forward.

Our why

Our team shares a passion for technology, innovation, and client satisfaction. This means acting as a trusted advisor to set, guide, and keep our clients on the path to digital modernization and transformation. We offer deep industry expertise combined with decades of experience providing high-value solutions that deliver rapid return on investment. Our approach is designed to give you a faster, lower-risk implementation and adoption through proven best practices.