Our approach

End-to-end delivery excellence that embraces all facets of your business

How We Work

The Hitachi Solutions Unified Framework is a collaborative compass for navigating business growth and fostering innovation. Rooted in our values of teamwork, quality, and pioneering spirit, the Unified Framework draws on our intrinsic ability to drive new ways of thinking and craft breakthrough solutions for our clients, no matter the project.

We’re creative storytellers who bring years of product and industry expertise to every engagement; chances are, we’ve been there before and we know the way through. By leading with collaboration, we’re able to build a consistent, predictable, and quality experience that accelerates your digital evolution.

The Value

  • Delivery Excellence: Enhance solution quality with thoughtful problem solving
  • Predictability: Increase predictability and forecast future needs
  • Accountability: Set clear expectations, roles, and responsibilities for projects of any size or workload

The Proof

  • Experienced Experts: Team synergy with 15+ years of industry and project experience
  • Tooling and Training: Mastery of industry standard tools, such as Azure DevOps, Mural, Figma, and Teams
  • Collaboration: Continuous engagement enables faster, more frequent results

The Outcomes

  • Time to Value: Deliver higher quality solutions in shorter amount of time
  • Prioritization: Prioritize high-value solutions up front while planning for scalability in the long run
  • Foster Innovation: Build a culture of continuous improvement and innovation
unified framework workshop

What to Expect During Project Kickoff

We start by immersing ourselves in your vision and goals. This means ensuring client readiness by bringing together all stakeholders and clearly defining project accountability, requirements, and dependencies.

Our collaborative workshop is an interactive engagement designed to elicit value-based priorities and feature sets from business stakeholders.

What to Expect During Project Sprints

Through cycles of planning, building, testing, and reviewing, we design for the challenge not the product. We honor the amount of time and effort spent building your product with end-to-end testing and validation to ensure the solution is ready for prime time.

What to Expect at Solution Deployment

We’ve ideated, iterated, and built as a team — now we succeed as a team. During deployment, we release our MVP to production while monitoring and training for successful business usage and continuous improvements. This is a big change and we want to ensure your team is ready for new capabilities.

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