Our Culture

A healthy mix of curious, fun, and get it done


A people-first mentality

We’re obsessed with making people better—our clients, our team members, and the world around us. We welcome the power of human connection and use it to our advantage. Our team members hail from all across North America and overseas, yet our culture remains hyper-personal, due to a steadfast commitment to individual growth and excellence. We inject this people-first mentality directly into our clients’ projects because, to us, success is more than technology enablement. It’s about building trust and fostering a space where collaboration thrives.

Konsei event


Konsei (“mixed community or mixed voice”) is a group focused on increasing diversity and inclusivity within Hitachi Solutions. Since its inception in early 2017, Konsei has continued to host monthly remote calls, coordinate in-person events, and deliver internal content to help connect our global workforce.

Launched in early 2020, Konsei Women is a subset of the greater community that focuses on the advancement of four main pillars: Mentorship, Leadership Development, Recruitment, and Representation of all women at Hitachi Solutions, within our organizational community, and in the world around us.


Strength in our differences

Embracing diversity and inclusion is in our DNA. It’s what allows us to establish a meaningful connection with each client and build solutions that actually matter. We firmly believe that our employees can perform their best when they are able to be their truest selves. By nature, we are equal parts entrepreneurial and collaborative, which means success can only be achieved when all voices are heard and valued. We understand this cultivation is an ongoing and evolving effort, and we are committed to prioritizing diversity and inclusion in all facets of our business.

Think big with us

With a penchant for big-picture thinking, we don’t just challenge the status quo—we disrupt it every day.