5 Fundamental Answers

For Enterprise Data Security & Governance in the Era of AI

5 Fundamental Answers

Today’s security teams face many challenges— sophisticated attackers, an expanding attack surface, an explosion of data and growing infrastructure complexity— and all hinder their ability to safeguard data, manage user access, and quickly detect and respond to threats.

Add to that Artificial Intelligence (AI). As more and more data processing is being moved to AI-infused systems, a fresh set of unique risks have been ushered in. As Vasu Jakkal, Microsoft CVP, Security, Compliance, Identity, and Management, said, “End-to-end security has never been more important. Anything less is like locking your doors and leaving your windows open.”

So, let’s look at what’s necessary to lock the windows as well as the doors, in Hitachi Solutions’ new eBook: 5 Fundamental Answers for Enterprise Data Security & Governance in the Era of AI. We dive into today’s threat landscape, exploring the challenges and risks posed by the growing power of generative AI on data security.

This eBook is for you if you want to know:

  • How did generative AI evolve?
  • What are the ‘free’ generative AI products being used today?
  • What unique threats does generative AI create?
  • Can a modern data platform help mitigate these risks?
  • Can I use AI offensively, as a tool to accelerate my security defenses?

AI or no AI, security has never been more critical, and business and security leaders are facing tougher choices than ever before. As both AI tools and the landscape evolve, leaders can do two things to prepare: educate employees and modernize their security and data infrastructure. We provide practical tips on how to do both.

Download the eBook today. The opportunity, and the risks, have never been more well-timed.

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