Copilot Studio Discovery Workshop

Accelerate communications and collaboration with this everyday AI assistant

Copilot Studio Discovery Workshop

How will Copilot Quickstart help me?

Employee and customer expectations have accelerated today’s pace of business. To keep up, you need to automate repeated tasks for your team and provide easy self-service for customers. Copilot bots have become increasingly popular as the go-to answer for meeting these growing demands. Microsoft Copilot Studio allows you to build sophisticated, AI-powered custom copilot bots for a range of requests — from providing simple answers to common questions to resolving issues requiring complex conversations. And, these copilots can be created quickly and easily, without the need for data scientists or developers!

During this engagement, you will learn how to design and create a custom copilot bot to help your team answer questions, find information quickly, or automate common business processes inside and outside of your organization.

Our Rapid Solution Delivery (RSD) Power Platform experts will help prioritize, define the initial topics, and configure conversational flows. In addition, we will help you plan for refinement and deployment of your copilot bot.

With Copilot Studio You Can

  • Increase productivity: Arm your teams with the ability to easily create bots without training, AI expertise, or developers
  • Reduce operational costs by automating repetitive tasks and freeing resources to focus on more complex requests and higher-value interactions
  • Enable 24/7 customer self-service options that improve satisfaction and loyalty
  • Monitor and continuously improve AI bots’ performance and accuracy over time with data-driven insights and self-learning AI and natural language processing
  • Deploy across channels and languages while scaling securely through central administration and governance

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