App Migration and Modernization

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App Migration and Modernization

How will this resource help me?

Hitachi Solutions has a unique Azure and Power Platform tech hub of experts focused on helping customers with application modernization, migration, and development initiatives. Our philosophy is cloud first. We then leverage microservices, cloud-native architecture, standard connectors where possible, and custom-developed cloud PaaS and IaaS-based solutions when required.

We are committed to partnering with our customers to implement governance from the get-go — to help engage and encourage makers to solve business issues securely. Leveraging low-code and cloud-native custom solutions, Hitachi Solutions drives industry-leading practices to build scalable, sustainable solutions that maximize user adoption.

Why Act?

  • Leverage the power of the Azure cloud to modernize your solutions
  • Customize your engagement for the needs of your business
  • Establish governance and guardrails
  • Accelerate demand for business use cases
  • Enable fusion development teams to provide innovation to your organization
  • Streamline your business apps for better business outcomes


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