Microsoft Purview Proof-of-Concept

Starting at $10,000 USD

Microsoft Purview Proof-of-Concept

Reimagine Unified Data Governance with Hitachi Solutions

The Hitachi Solutions data and analytics team will perform a deep dive into the capabilities and features of Microsoft Purview. The engagement includes the ingestion of one of your data sources, a sample data estate, and a roadmap to extend Microsoft Purview across your organization.

Why act?

  • Automate discovery, lineage, and classification of your data
  • Map business and technical terms to facilitate a better understanding of your data
  • Understand the movement and usage of sensitive data in your organization
  • Automate and manage metadata from hybrid cloud sources
  • Customize data source integration using the built-in Apache Atlas API
  • Natively integrate Azure Synapse and Power BI into Purview for seamless governance


You will have a complete understanding of how Microsoft Purview can help you:

  • Maximize the value of your Azure investment
  • Build trust with your stakeholders
  • Discover & democratize your data assets
  • Classify & manage sensitive data

An expert-led journey through the modern data estate, including Azure Data Lake and Azure Synapse Analytics.

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