Building a Modern Data Infrastructure in Construction

Unifying Project Data for Efficiency and Innovation

Building a Modern Data Infrastructure in Construction

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In an era of tightening margins, cost and schedule blow-outs, stringent new regulations and workforce productivity challenges, more and more AEC companies are looking for ways to use data and analytics to stay competitive.

The challenge lies in managing all that data — everything from storage and access to security and compliance. But the outcome of implementing a successful data management platform stands to revolutionize the way construction companies work, bringing endless possibilities to slide and dice data, and apply AI analysis for more fine-grained insights.

In this eBook, we’ll explore the topic of modern data solutions for the construction industry, why the sector has historically lagged in adoption, how a modern data platform can help overcome long-standing obstacles, and what the path to modernization looks like.

You’ll learn about:

  • Construction’s unique challenges in data management
  • The must-have features for a modern data estate: real-time data access, internal and external systems integrations, and visualization tools like Power BI that are embedded for ease of use
  • How to handle complex regulatory compliance
  • The next best steps to getting started

Download the eBook. Then Contact us to learn more about our construction data solutions built on the Microsoft platform. We can find a solution to help turn your project data into opportunities for growth, increased cost savings and rising productivity.

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