Connected Equipment

The value of connected equipment in field service

Connected Equipment


Free whitepaper: The Value of Connected Equipment in Field Service

As companies increasingly seek to leverage customer service as a competitive differentiator, field service is often the last mile of automation. However, some organizations are rethinking their field service models to drive greater efficiency and generate new revenue opportunities, providing predictive maintenance on a subscription basis to customers.

Leveraging connected devices, they can automate the maintenance process and make it more proactive, reducing the time and cost of field service calls while improving customer satisfaction.

This report, analyzed and authored by Nucleus Research, discusses how Hitachi Solutions augments the Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Azure platform with connected equipment capabilities designed to help organizations improve field service efficiency and support changing business models and new revenue opportunities.

Read this report to learn:

  • How Hitachi Solutions helped a customer take advantage of connected field service to evolve its business model to a subscription outsourcing model
  • Hitachi Solutions’ 3-phase strategy for field service optimization
  • The 3 key benefits Nucleus Research has found that optimized field service operations deliver

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