Customer 360: Delivering a More Customer-Centric Insurance Experience

Delivering a more customer-centric insurance experience.

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How will this whitepaper help me?

Put the consumer experience where it needs to be – front and center.

If 85% of insurance CEOs are concerned about the speed of technological changes in the industry, is your organization prepared to face change with a customer-centered focus?

There is an opportunity in shifting the emphasis from products to policyholders. Hitachi Solutions is ready to partner with you and get you on the road to Customer 360.

This paper focuses on how you can break down silos and develop a “Customer 360” view of your customer that will help you become more profitable. By evolving toward a more holistic, policyholder-centric posture and away from policy-centric back-end systems, you can put the consumer experience where it needs to be — front and center.

But how do you become a customer-centered business? In this 7-page guide, we’ll look at best practices to get you on the road to Customer 360 and four ways to become a customer-centered business including:

  1. Changing the way you think about your customers
  2. Embracing the new technologies
  3. Expanding your thinking beyond sales and claims
  4. Simplifying the buying process

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