Customer Insights and Azure Synapse

2 Weeks | $30,000

Customer Insights and Azure Synapse

How will this resource help me?

Do you have large amounts of data spread out over multiple tools or platforms? In separate data warehouses? In departmental siloes?  Is it virtually impossible to get actionable insights from all these disparate data sources? Azure Synapse’s power to analyze and synthesize data from warehouses and big data systems, combined with the intelligence of Dynamics Customer Insights’ 360° customer profiles, can make this struggle a pain of the past.

The result?  You’ll be able to see first-hand the exciting opportunities that are available to deliver a stellar customer experience.

Why Act?

  • Expedited time to insights
  • 360-degree view of customer
  • Empower IT and business
  • Capture new market segments, through:
    • Enhanced customer loyalty
    • Reduction in customer churn
    • Maximize lifetime customer value

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