Customer Service Workshop

2-3 Weeks | $15,000 USD

Customer Service Workshop

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This two to three-week workshop takes a deep dive into the Customer Service industry transformation through maturity and business value assessments, inquiry type segmentation, persona modeling, call shadowing, presentations, labs, and workshops. During the workshop, participants learn how to effectively deploy a balanced approach for a Customer Service & Experience program. The workshop covers key foundations that work together to create recommended next steps and a prioritized roadmap for your organization. Topics covered include; Global Case Management, Omni Channel Customer Service, Program Roadmap & Sequence, KPIs, and Reporting.

Sample Agenda:

  • Understanding the core basics of Microsoft D365 for Customer Service
  • Defining the Customer Journey and Experience
  • Defining the Agent Journey and Experience
  • Inquiry Type Segmentation Principles
  • Agent Shadowing & Listening for Improvement Opportunities
  • Rose, Bud, Thorn Workshop
  • Key Performance Indicators & Core Service Reporting
  • Customer Service Maturity Model Overview & Interviews
  • Art of the possible demonstrations

Sample Deliverables:

  • Suggested Short – Mid Term Focus Areas (Roadmap)
  • Business Value Mapping
  • Key Success Measures
  • Feature Level Backlog of Requirements
  • Customer Journey Mapping Diagrams

Note: Workshop deliverables will be customized per customer and program focus needs.