Customer Voice Enablement

1-Day Workshop

Customer Voice Enablement

Learn how to get better feedback, insights, and experiences

This one-day workshop takes a deep dive into the Customer Voice application through presentations, labs, and workshops. Attend and you’ll leave with a solid understanding of the features and functionality and how it works with the Common Data Service to unify data across your other business applications. Use the time to also discover the best business opportunities to leverage Customer Voice, gain the real-world skills needed to create and implement custom surveys, and learn how to turn your survey responses into real-time insights for making more intelligent decisions and improving customer and employee experiences.


  • Understanding core basics and in-depth guidance on Customer Voice extensibility
  • Using Customer Voice with CSAT and Net Promoter
  • Organizational opportunity to provide sample business processes
  • Walkthrough of labs on Customer Voice (outline and assessment to be reviewed at the end of the day)
  • Business opportunities workshop: Customer Voice triggers and data review
  • Architectural overview: building Customer Voice with other feedback mechanisms (PVA, management, portals)
  • Power BI reporting with Customer Voice


  • Understanding the core basics of Customer Voice
  • How to use Customer Voice to identify specific metrics, e.g. CSAT, and Net Promoter Score
  • In-depth guidance on the extensibility of Customer Voice and how it works with the Common Data Service
  • Discovery session on existing organizational processes on collecting feedback data
  • Process review on optimal triggers for Customer Voice forms
  • Understanding how to use Power BI reporting on Customer Voice responses
  • Customer Voice industry examples