Proactive D365 F&O Monitoring and Alerting​

4-6 Weeks │ Price Starting at $1.5K/month* USD​* plus one-time setup fees

Proactive D365 F&O Monitoring and Alerting​


D365 for Finance and Supply Chain can transform the way businesses operate, but the system is not without its performance and ongoing monitoring challenges. Issues with slow-running systems are all too common and can be frustrating, time-consuming, and expensive.

To ensure your D365 Finance and Supply Chain system maintains peak performance, Hitachi Solutions offers D365 Finance and Supply Chain monitoring. It’s an easy, low-cost solution designed to keep an eye on daily batch performance and help you avoid the cascading effect of stuck and failed batch jobs. Just about every D365 administrator is familiar with batch glitches. Through 24/7 monitoring and customized alerts, we proactively detect performance problems so you can act before your users notice an issue.

Why Act Now?

  • Offers an expert, low-cost solution for monitoring Finance and Supply Chain batch-related issues, so you can begin to work proactively to improve performance
  • Connects to LCS, to help identify system-wide performance issues including AOS server performance, database health, slow queries, and database locks
  • Integrates with Hitachi Solution’s Azure monitoring services to better understand performance issues related to integrations and other Azure components

Outcomes and Deliverables

  • Uses a framework that allows you to monitor the health and status of your important batch jobs and act accordingly
  • Sets customized threshold values and alerts so issues can be resolved before people and processes are affected
  • Provides data access from a single, intuitive dashboard
  • Minimizes the impact on business operations and employee productivity

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