Analytics Estate Assessment

Gain a complete and informed understanding of your modern data estate

Analytics Estate Assessment


Hitachi Solutions’ workshop-based assessment will introduce your organization to the cloud-based capabilities that are available so you can capitalize on the true business value of data. If you are considering modernizing your legacy data platform to one that leverages native Azure services, this offer is for you.

Our data solutions experts will work with you to identify your current data estate, define the future state, and determine the best path forward for your organization.


  • Data Architecture Assessment — We review your current data ecosystem including operational systems, existing data warehouse systems, existing document file storage, and any reporting layer, and then work with you to collect requirements for data and analytics needs (data mastering needs, aligned with the target architecture including ideal data flows, catalog of source systems, and their relative complexities)
  • Application Architecture Assessment — We work with you to understand the current application binary object storage, provide knowledge transfer on how to adjust the platform to leverage object storage in a data lake, and highlight other Azure components that can improve your organization, such as CI/CD, containerization, and other PaaS services
  • Network and Foundations Assessment — We perform a readiness assessment (and proposal) for an Azure Secure Landing Zone and subscription layout suitable for your modern data estate


Roadmap for moving to Azure documented with:

  • Executive summary and business objectives
  • Identified business risks related to security, data, and cloud governance
  • Modernization strategy including actionable platform and process recommendations, best practices, and toolsets based on selected use cases
  • Azure consumption estimates and reference architecture

Intended services include, but are not limited to:

  • Azure Synapse
  • Azure Purview
  • Azure Data Factory
  • Azure SQL DB and Azure SQL DW
  • Stream Analytics
  • Azure Data Lake and Azure Databricks

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