Demystifying IoT

Debunk the 4 most common IoT and field service myths

Demystifying IoT


How will this eBook help me?

This 12-page guide addresses four of the most common IoT myths and discusses what field service organizations need to keep in mind when evaluating IoT for their business and for their customers.

To keep pace with customer expectations and remain competitive, field service organizations need to strategically embrace new tools and technologies that can help them deliver the speed and precision that customers demand.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is emerging as one such technology, promising a powerful foundation for field service organizations looking to increase efficiencies, profits, and customer satisfaction. With any groundbreaking technology, however, comes misconceptions and the Internet of Things is no exception.

What you will learn:

  • What exactly IoT is, and what it means for field service
  • Myths that prevent correct IoT implementation, and the consequences of believing them
  • An example of how predictive maintenance applies to business

We look forward to helping you implement new, positive initiatives in your company.