Design Sprint

2-4 WEEKS | Pricing Varies

Design Sprint


Our remote problem framing and design sprint workshops create collaborative virtual working sessions designed to help you rapidly identify and solve your company’s biggest challenges, test new ideas or products, greatly reduce risk upfront, and realize immediate outcomes before implementation begins.

Our certified facilitators are skilled at driving clarity and critical alignment so you can quickly achieve a shared vision and solid goals—no matter the project. Their field-tested tools and techniques are designed to unpack complexity, simplify focus, and foster agility and collaboration. As a result, your employees are empowered to be more productive right now. And they walk away with practical and applicable giveaways to make them more successful in the future.

Our highly skilled discovery facilitators are master-class trained and use best-in-class online collaboration and communications tools, including Mural, Figma, and Teams. We embed field-tested problem-solving methodologies and techniques in all our workshops and can help you overcome obstacles on a global scale.

The Benefits:

  • Cost-effectively identify and solve your company’s biggest problems quickly before coding begins
  • Make critical strategic decisions with confidence
  • Ensure you are solving the right problems and creating solutions that bring the most value
  • Reduce the risk of project failures
  • Shrink development timelines from months to days, saving time and money
  • Improve cross-company collaboration
  • Efficiently align critical stakeholders

We look forward to helping you implement new, positive initiatives in your company.