Developer Velocity Assessment

4 Week Engagement

Developer Velocity Assessment

Create tech intensity across your organization

Hitachi Solutions’ Modern Solutions team uses a rigorous and yet agile approach to software development to achieve high developer velocity, quality, and predictability using modern techniques, tools, and technologies. Our framework for success is built on industry-recognized practices and principles that drive repeatable results.

Learn from our team how to apply our framework to help your teams accelerate delivery and do it with higher quality and less burnout. Work with our team of development leaders who will help you assess your teams’ use of modern development techniques, tools, and technologies and create step-by-step, customized guidance for adopting our framework for development success. We will do this through in-depth analysis of your current solutions and process, workshops with your teams, and a one-week development mini-sprint.

During this four-week engagement, learn about our framework, how to build a developer toolchain, and how we use:

  • Agile software development
  • Microsoft Azure DevOps
  • GitHub Enterprise
  • DevOps in your organization
  • Test-driven development
  • Continuous integration/deployment
  • Infrastructure as Code
  • Release management
  • Microsoft Azure

Week 1

  • Identify and understand your current projects and their architectures
  • Meet with key stakeholders and development team members to review current processes
  • Review current feature roadmaps and backlogs, velocity, and identify what complicates change and what resists change
  • Examine your current developer toolchain and customize a workshop for your development team
  • Review security and compliance needs for your organization. Find the opportunities in compliance
  • Review Quality Assurance and test procedures and tools

Week 2

  • Intro to DevOps using Azure DevOps or GitHub Enterprise daily workshops
  • Review current application architecture and identify how to improve architecture and the developer toolchain

Week 3

  • Deep dive into your codebase, looking for what’s good, what could be better, and identifying ways to get there leveraging today’s technology
  • Identify what and how to improve developer velocity by mapping your needs to our framework
  • Create a roadmap to adopt the framework in manageable chunks
  • Create and prioritize a backlog for the mini-sprint
  • Setup the team and tools for the mini-sprint

Week 4

  • Day One: Sprint Planning and Kickoff
  • Day Two-Three: Develop with our team mentoring your team.
  • Day Four: Finish the sprint and internal team review.
  • Day Five: Sprint Showcase/Demo and Team Retrospective Discussion

We look forward to helping you implement new, positive initiatives in your company.