Understand and Accelerate Your Digital Transformation

Hitachi Solutions Digital Transformation Advisory Service

Understand and Accelerate Your Digital Transformation


Why Act?

The way forward is not always clear. You need a clear roadmap and action plan. Having this vision is critical to driving your success.

  • Ensure leadership understands how these transformation initiatives create value for your customers, employees, and stakeholders
  • Show business development teams how to prioritize and translate customer needs into revenue-generating projects
  • Help employees see how they can best take part in the transformation

Our Approach

Digital Transformation Advisory Service is a series of structured and facilitated workshops designed to guide and accelerate your end-to-end digital transformation process. It helps align the elements, remove obstacles, assess readiness, and determine the best direction for you to go, so you can confidently move forward with your digital objectives.

  • We review key stakeholders and metrics from your point of view
  • We complete a structured and detailed assessment of your digital maturity, so you can understand what “good” looks like to prioritize the most impactful moves for your customers, operations, and team
  • We create a prioritized roadmap that combines planned initiatives with identified opportunities

The Outcomes

A deep and focused understanding of the moves you need to make to transform your business, as well as an actionable roadmap and solid business plan that aligns with your goals, targets meaningful benefits, and outlines the resources (time, people, and investment) required.

  • Clarity of the most effective path to your digital transformation
  • Identification and prioritization of your business challenges driving focus on the high-value initiatives that provide the most impact
  • Actionable roadmap and plan for success, and a sensible and measured way to continuously improve your overall digital maturity as your needs change

Duration: 8-10 Weeks │ Price: $50,000 USD

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