Driving User Adoption

Go further, faster with change enablement

Driving User Adoption


Are you struggling to make real change in your organization?

For too long, businesses have approached change from the wrong angle, by focusing more on how it will affect the organization rather than employees on an individual level. In order to create lasting change, you need to take an approach that centers employees and, as a result, drives user adoption. The important truth of change enablement is that organizations do not change; people do.

This free eBook will walk you through change enablement as a whole and how to successfully drive user adoption across an organization. Let us guide you through the entire change process, from beginning to end.

In our eBook you will learn:

  • What is change enablement?
  • Common roadblocks to user adoption
  • Seven factors that impact change enablement
  • How to measure user adoption

Download our eBook to learn more.  Hitachi Solutions is here to help!

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