Empower for Financial Services Trial

3 Month Trial

Empower for Financial Services Trial

How will this help me?

As a financial services institution, the ability to collect, ingest, and leverage data is critical to gaining the powerful insights you need to be agile, adaptive, and competitive. With streams of structured and unstructured information flowing in from many different sources every day, managing it in a timely and cost-effective manner can be challenging.

Hitachi Solutions Empower is a revolutionary approach to the automation of the data ingestion process. It harnesses the power and speed of AI to dramatically accelerate, automate, and simplify the complex and costly task of creating and maintaining data ingestion.

Why act?

To help you see how Empower creates value and adds velocity to your key business functions, we have created this limited time offer for qualified financial institutions. Risk- and commitment-free, you can evaluate Empower for three months to validate the improved performance and reduced costs. If at the end of the trial you’re not convinced of the Empower value proposition, we’ll remove the installation with no further obligation.

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