An Equipment Manufacturer’s Guide to CPQ/CRM/ERP

How to better compete in a digital, customer-centric world with end-to-end quote to invoice automation

An Equipment Manufacturer’s Guide to CPQ/CRM/ERP


How will this eBook help me?

Today, the heat is on for you to attract new customers as well as keep the ones you have. More and more this requires a customer-focused strategy that elevates the customer experience. Because if you can’t make doing business with you easy, someone else will.

Modernization, automation, and personalization are the key.

This eBook is your guide to integrated CRM, ERP, and CPQ ― cloud-based technology for the 21st century that helps you achieve streamlined, end-to-end quote to invoice automation. Not only does it help you deliver the customized, collaborative engagements your customers are demanding, it also helps you achieved visibility and optimized operations.

Download the eBook to:

  • Discover more details about how unifying your CRM and ERP platforms ― and adding CPQ to the mix ― provides the benefits you need to be more efficient, responsive, and profitable
  • Experience how such a solution adds value from every perspective and at every touchpoint ― from customer experience to sales productivity to order accuracy to executive planning, and more
  • Learn exactly what to ask vendors when looking to modernize and automate your operations
  • See why Hitachi Solutions and Experlogix are better together at providing a premier integrated CRM/ERP/CPQ automation solution

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