Hadoop to Databricks Migration Assessment

2 Week Assessment – starting at $15,000

Hadoop to Databricks Migration Assessment

How will this offer help me?

Reduce costs by simplifying your data estate and eliminating data silos between data engineers, data scientists, and analysts. Hitachi Solution’s team of certified experts will perform an end-to-end assessment of your Hadoop infrastructure and develop your roadmap to success with Azure Databricks.

The engagement includes an overview of the Databricks features compared to corresponding Hadoop features, as well as highlighting the superior capabilities in Databricks pertinent to your organization’s analytics priorities.

Why Migrate?

  • Accelerate time-to-value by deploying business-oriented accelerators that use net-new capabilities vs. Hadoop
  • Unify all data, analytics, and AI workloads under a single, scalable platform
  • Reduce the risk of vendor and talent lock-in, end of support worries, cost, and complexity through a fully managed open-source framework
  • Modernize your data estate to experience the flexibility and elasticity of the Azure cloud
  • Improve security and reduce audit, compliance, and privacy risks


You will have a complete understanding of the process and benefits of migrating off Hadoop.

  • An end-to-end assessment of your Hadoop data estate
  • A future-state total cost of ownership and ROI estimate
  • A migration roadmap with actionable next steps
  • Side-by-side feature comparison of what you’ll be getting
  • An expert-led journey through the modern Azure data estate, including Azure Data Lake and Databricks

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