Improve the Patient Experience with Field Service for Home Health

Streamline inefficiencies, reduce manual processes, and improve the overall patient experience with a field service solution from Hitachi Solutions

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Home healthcare providers strive to deliver quality patient care and experiences despite patient demands continuing to evolve.

Patients today expect self-service options, visibility into caregiver arrivals, and more. Yes, caregivers must juggle manual processes, inefficient routing, and other efficiency and productivity challenges.

Check out our free eBook, Improve the Patient Experience with Field Service for Home Health. It follows through “a day in the life” of patient Sam, service representative Austen, and home health professional Riley:

  • Sam needs a blood test but is unable to leave home and wants to schedule a home visit for as soon as possible
  • Austen wants a comprehensive view of Sam’s care and information to help schedule available care providers
  • Riley hopes for an easy and straightforward route to his patient and that he has the necessary equipment and information is on-hand

Download the eBook today and see these home health scenarios come to life and how Hitachi Solutions’ industry and field service experts can help your organization today!

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