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Infrastructure Assessment


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Networks play a key role in supporting mission-critical business operations. If they become unavailable or unreliable, employee productivity, customer satisfaction, and the bottom line are negatively impacted. As applications evolve and technologies converge, networks are often required to carry more traffic with less margin of error. Even a well-managed, well-maintained network today may become an issue tomorrow. With so much on the line, you don’t want to wait until your network tells you it needs help.

Proactive infrastructure assessments are the best way to identify areas of concern before they impact the business. Assessments are also a good way to determine the strength and capabilities of your networks before you deploy new applications and services, reducing risk. Hitachi Solutions Managed Services can proactively assess the health of your organization’s IT infrastructure, help identify issues before they occur, and save you from unplanned outages, downtime, and costs.

Why Take Action

  • Confidently deploy emerging technologies and services with knowledge of potential impacts
  • Determine the readiness of your infrastructure to move to the cloud
  • Identify gaps in current capabilities to deliver on your cloud vision
  • Increase productivity of IT staff, allowing them to focus more on strategic projects and less on outages
  • Improve profitability by eliminating network disruptions and outages that impact revenue
  • Evaluate current performance and provide best practice recommendations to improve network effectiveness and sustainability
  • Identify gaps in current state architecture and design and provide recommendations for remediation
  • Re-engineer reverse logistics and returns processing to reduce costs and increase asset utilization


  • Infrastructure Assessment − Examines current IT infrastructure and network and provide detailed improvement recommendations to optimize efficiency and budget
  • Unified Messaging Assessment − Analyzes existing Microsoft Exchange infrastructure and provide detailed improvement report
  • Application Infrastructure Assessment (Dynamics 365/ERP/CRM) − Tests core components of your IT infrastructure and ensure application components are tailored to fit performance demands and security best practices
  • System & Database Performance − Evaluates reasons for bad performing business applications and system performance and database performance test
  • Product Capabilities & Features Assessment − Deployment of solutions assessment to determine product capabilities, feature support, and the impact on future network requirements
  • Life Cycle Management Assessment − Reviews the life cycle management program
  • Documentation − Infrastructure health findings, recommendations, gap analysis, insights, infrastructure readiness for digital transformation, next steps

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