Intelligent Customer Experience with Microsoft D365 Customer Insights for Financial Services and Insurance

2 Weeks* | Starting at $30,000 USD

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Empower your organization with critical insights into customer behavior using the data you already have

Threats from traditional and non-traditional competitors, increasingly stringent regulatory requirements, and ever-changing customer expectations have dramatically shifted the financial services and insurance landscape. To meet these challenges, and be more responsive and agile, you need instant access to real-time customer and business data.

Why act?

Leveraging Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights enhances the entire customer journey — from marketing to sales to customer service — with a self-service CDP. Embracing the power of this application allows you to personalize campaigns and engagements, recommend best-fit products to increase wallet share and customer lifetime value, and provide proactive service to improve customer retention rates and loyalty.


This proof of concept (POC) initiates your Customer Insights journey. During the engagement, Hitachi Solutions experts will showcase an end-to-end landscape of Customer Insights and Azure Synapse through deployment, configuration, and ingestion of sample customer data from up to two external data sources. It helps you realize the value of Customer Insights, provides an entry point from which to build a robust data platform and helps identify further opportunities to enrich and automate actions.

*duration of engagement and pricing subject to change

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