IoT Hands-On Workshop

2–3 DAYS | Pricing Varies

IoT Hands-On Workshop


Getting IoT solutions up and running is a complex process; during this 2–3 day hands-on workshop we will identify a potential use case in your business, through common trouble spots and how to avoid them.


  • Quick overview and assessment
  • Provide a comprehensive overview of Azure IoT services
  • The key components of Azure’s IoT services and IoT Hub
  • Define your specific need
  • Define scenario specific to your business
  • Define target personas and user requirements
  • Define device requirements (e.g. device cost, quantity, power consumption, active/passive, data inputs & outputs, etc.)
  • Define architecture and environment requirements
  • Define analytics, reporting, and dashboard needs


  • Identify and document highest-value use-cases
  • Identify and document business outcomes and attach to value (revenue/cost-reduction/opportunity cost/time to market etc.)
  • Identify and document new sources of data required/additional data capture through sensors/apps
  • Produce a proposal for Proof-of-Value stage
  • Produce executive presentation

We look forward to helping you implement new, positive initiatives in your company.