Jumpstart Your Adoption of Microsoft Fabric

It’s not difficult to see how Microsoft Fabric is a game changer. What may be less clear is how it can accelerate your data journey.

Jumpstart Your Adoption of Microsoft Fabric

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Gain Immediate Value for Your Business

GET STARTED NOW – with Microsoft Fabric 2-week POC!

To accelerate your organization’s understanding, and adoption, of Fabric’s capabilities with the development of a clear path to success for how your business can benefit – our team of experts will guide you through Fabric’s capabilities, leveraging your unique analytics landscape.

Your Azure Tenant

Your Data

Microsoft Fabric
= Your Company WINNING with Microsoft Fabric and its potential for your business

Get Started NOW

Unify and secure your date to gain immediate value for your business.

Microsoft Fabric is an Azure data estate solution that rapidly centralizes data sources where it can then be used to manifest actionable intelligence that your teams can leverage to make strategic business decisions.

Our two-week POC drives organizational readiness for Microsoft Fabric’s general availability TODAY by building enterprise-wide alignment, understanding, training, and built-in architecture at a special rate for a limited time. So, when Fabric officially hits the market, our customers are prepared and ready to seamlessly and confidently transition with the working proof Fabric is right for them.

Why Hitachi Solutions?

Partnering with Microsoft for nearly two years on Fabric development places our delivery and consulting experts in a unique position to offer our qualified customers the right mix of business advisory and technical guidance to prepare and position the entire organization for successfully building the foundation of Fabric capabilities for your entire analytics estate.

Our team partners with your team to prepare your people and your processes for the Era of AI transformation, and to help determine what works best for your enterprise.

From this 2-week engagement, you gain:

  • Organizational readiness, alignment, and understanding of Fabric capabilities for business solutions
  • Confirmed Fabric enterprise architecture
  • Center of Enablement for every user
  • Fabric implementation roadmap
  • Defined Source code — Data Definition Language (DDL) in Fabric
  • Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) data model
  • Fabric Pipeline Starter Kit
  • Power BI Report Starter Kit
  • Fabric Training Recommendations
  • Guided Next Steps