Operational Runbook Managed Services

Ensure Smooth Transition and Operational Readiness

Operational Runbook Managed Services

Every digital transformation solution requires support after the implementation goes live — are you prepared for a successful transition? Hitachi Solutions Managed Services can help. We’re able to create a personalized Operational Runbook for your post-implementation operations. An Operational Runbook is a living and breathing guide that provides you with comprehensive best practices for daily operations. It covers everything you need to know — from technical details on your environments to security permissions to how to manage product updates and much more. Having this invaluable document at your fingertips allows for a smooth and easy transition to the team that will be supporting your solution going forward.


  • Sustainment ― Enables you and the support team to maintain the solution post-go-live
  • Delivery Excellence ― Adds value in the validate phase of the project
  • Continuity ― Offers consistency of resources from the final deliverable to post go-live
  • Time to Value ― Provides stakeholder feedback early in the lifecycle to help with potential maintenance issues
  • All Hands on Deck ― Leverages a Microsoft-certified solution architect to support the last sprint and project deliverables


  • Provides a hands-on guide for everyone who needs to understand and support your solution going forward
  • Ensures operational readiness and a stable transition from the implementation team to the support team
  • Results in a living document that is constantly updated by our Managed Services team as your solution evolves
  • Supports continuous improvement and growth

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