6 Reasons Why Microsoft is a Leader in Supply Chain Optimization

6 Reasons Why Microsoft is a Leader in Supply Chain Optimization

Supply chains are a prime area for the application of generative AI, due to the vast amounts of critical business data and processes involved , and our new eBook is full of insights, advice and practical use cases that you can use as an inspiration to move forward.

Throughout the eBook, we take a deep dive into how AI-infused solutions and tools like Microsoft Copilot and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Supply Chain Management are empowering businesses in the consumer-packaged goods, retail, and manufacturing industries to navigate the complexities of the modern supply chain.

You learn how Hitachi Solutions and Microsoft’s Supply Chain Platform are primed for using AI to drive results in these areas:

  • Driving Efficiency with Microsoft Copilot
  • Elevating Forecast Accuracy with AI-driven Demand Planning
  • Communicating Across the Value Chain
  • Reducing Errors and Increasing Uptime with IoT
  • Supporting Sustainability and Ethical Practices
  • Enhancing Security and Compliance

The key to using generative AI is to deliver value and achieve sustainable supply chain differentiation from your competitors. Our goal at Hitachi Solutions is to equip you with a practical understanding of genAI that you can use as a steppingstone for quick, value-driven returns.

Then, when you’re ready to take the next step – see how Hitachi Solutions can help!

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