Natural Language Processing Lab

Unlock access to text analytics in 4 weeks

Natural Language Processing Lab


Natural language processing (NLP) is a revolutionary solution that helps companies enhance insights and get even more visibility into all facets of your customer-facing operations. In just four weeks, our data science experts will work with you to tailor an NLP solution for your organization. We’ll leverage Databricks’ collaborative workbook environment, Microsoft tools, sentiment analysis, topic modeling, named entity recognition, and text classification to provide you with a robust and valuable analysis of your structured and unstructured text.


  • Accelerate your customer success journey
  • Identify root causes of product issues quicker
  • Determine profitable customers & understand the reasons for their loyalty
  • Recognize, predict, and classify fraudulent behaviors and claims


  • High-accuracy fact extraction
  • Slang/jargon normalizer for social media text
  • Scale text extraction from images with optimized speed
  • Staging and reporting data open paths for custom or advanced NLP use-cases
  • Ingest and parse raw XML data, persist delta staging tables

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