Securing Identities with Azure AD Workshop​

Starting at $15,000 USD

Securing Identities with Azure AD Workshop​

Preparing for today’s identity governance and security challenges

The Securing Identities with Azure AD Workshop is designed to help customers assess the maturity of their identity estates. By using Secure Score and application discovery tools, you can gain visibility into your current identity estates, and define clear next steps and the best ways to mitigate risks. Using Azure Secure Score and application discovery tools, we’ll provide insight into your application landscape, pinpoint current risks in your environment and help you determine critical next steps.

Why Act?

Optimize Identity

  • Identify potential risks such as vulnerable accounts and risky sign-on events, and see opportunities for improvement
  • Learn to conduct access reviews
  • Explore entitlement management

Mitigate Risk

  • Ensure your organization can manage potentially millions of identities and access points while mitigating threats
  • Examine the use of risk based conditional access policies
  • Discover the value of Privileged Identity Management

Reduce Costs

  • Minimize expenses associated with password reset and helpdesk resources


  • CAF baseline identity security posture rating, including how you compare to your industry peers.​
  • Visibility into LOB apps and their consumption models.​
  • Enhanced understanding of situations where identity might be compromised and remediation steps.​
  • Actionable recommendations and next steps for improved migration and governance.

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