How Marketers Can Implement Real-Time Technology to Optimize Marketing Spend and Improve Conversions

How to drive company growth through customer personalization

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With marketers facing pressure to deliver like never before, the ability to deliver personalized, real-time interactions has become imperative. Yet the drive toward real-time analytics is a journey that can take time and needs to be well rationalized.

“Brands that are in their customer experience infancy do not need to worry about getting to their end goal within one project iteration”.

Says LeMaro, who suggests that companies start with a digital marketing roadmap. “This road map will serve as a guide for the future that involves iterative milestones.”

Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics can help companies achieve their real-time marketing goals. When used alongside Microsoft Customer Insights, it can help marketers create and refine customer segmentation to drive personalized marketing campaigns. Microsoft Purview also scans large volumes of data to identify personally identifiable information and uses this data to manage compliance. Hitachi Solutions often works with clients to utilize these tools as a way to prepare large-volume datasets from complex data sources, interface a modern data-estate solution, optimize performance, and assist with data transformations.

Using Synapse helps reduce the time for marketing teams to create and maintain segments, but also to make those more relevant to increase the return-on-investment of marketing campaigns.

Says Deb Marotta, Vice President of Retail Industry at Hitachi Solutions America.

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