Why Move to Outcome-Based Field Service?

Increase revenues, expand service operations, improve products, and strengthen customer relationships

Why Move to Outcome-Based Field Service?

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It’s Time to Leave Traditional Field Service Behind

Customers are moving away from the traditional model of purchasing equipment as a large, one-time capital investment with an annual maintenance contract. Instead, customers increasingly look for manufacturers, equipment makers, and suppliers that offer the new model of product-as-a-service (PaaS). It’s easy to understand why, as PaaS offers the appeal of easier product deployment and use. Even more appealing are the financial benefits of an operations-budget expense that covers both the product and maintenance services.

For manufacturers, PaaS eliminates the barrier of an indirect customer relationship and creates new opportunities for recurring revenues. However, manufacturers won’t be able to support a full PaaS offering if they continue to operate under the traditional model for delivering field service. For an in-depth look at why you should move to outcome-based field service, download our eBook.

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