Product as a Service is the Future

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Product as a Service is the Future

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In today’s hyper-competitive, pandemic-disrupted landscape, industrial equipment manufacturers need new and innovative ways to do business and create revenue. Not only to be more agile and resilient but to be more responsive to customers.

Because while the economy has certainly changed, customer expectations — and buying behaviors — have also evolved. Today’s customers are more tech-savvy and want sustainable value, just like they get as retail consumers. Their needs are more sophisticated and fueled by automation, on-demand transactions, and personalization.

It is these dynamics, and the advancement of cloud-based enterprise technology, that has sent the popularity of the Product-as-a-Service (PaaS) model soaring. PaaS is selling outcome-driven services instead of a one-time asset. And it uncovers exciting opportunities for equipment manufacturers to modernize and transform the way they do business to grow and be more profitable while di­fferentiating themselves from the competition.

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