Platform Assessment

2–4 WEEKS | Starting at $45,000 USD

Platform Assessment

Modernize your application and data environments

Challenged with accessing data, difficult integrations, hard to find, high-cost support skillsets, end of life vendor support, finding staff time to do upgrades, degrading performance, and increased security, audit, and compliance risks due to legacy applications and data platforms? Modernize your application and data environments and understand the many benefits of taking this important step.

This 2–4 week engagement is a guided exploration of a selected use case using client data in a private and secure environment. We will inventory current state architectures–application, data, infrastructure–and build a transition roadmap. Working with your team, we provide advanced capabilities in data and application engineering, data science, and industry subject matter expertise.


  • Operational: reduce cycle time to market by eliminating long lag times of hardware procurement and preparation
  • Financial: understand one-time and recurring costs and benefits used to create business justification and funding proposals
  • Security: improve security leveraging Microsoft’s commitment to keeping the Azure infrastructure safe from external threats
  • Technological: high availability SLAs mean more productive time available for employees while positioning your business with all the benefits and scalability of the cloud (SaaS, IaaS, PaaS)
  • Administrative: licensing and patch management, reduces staff maintenance time for regular patching and service pack releases

We look forward to helping you implement new, positive initiatives in your company.