Power BI for the Enterprise Roadmap

$10,000 USD

Power BI for the Enterprise Roadmap

The Hitachi Solutions data and analytics team will lead collaborative highly interactive sessions where together we will work through the key components of a successful Power BI enterprise roll-out. The engagement results in a roadmap for successfully rolling out Power BI across your organization.

Why act?

  • A successful rollout of Power BI requires a solid foundation
  • A solid foundation requires a well-documented roadmap to deliver it
  • Whether your organization is new to Power BI or has an organically grown Power BI environment, our experts can show you how to best leverage Power BI to achieve your analytics vision
  • Building upon industry-leading practices and our collective expertise from many decades of analytics deployments, we have developed a templatized yet configurable approach to quickly assess, analyze, and roadmap your solution


You will have a roadmap of how to successfully deploy Power BI to help you:

  • Maximize the value of your data
  • Build trust with your stakeholders
  • Enable your customers through self-service
  • Manage and protect sensitive data
  • An expert-led journey to understand how to deploy Power BI successfully to your enterprise based on industry-leading practices + your strategic analytics direction.

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