Where Are You In Your CX Journey?

Put your brand’s customer experience to the test and see where you stand using our 10-question self-assessment.

Where Are You In Your CX Journey?

Is Your Brand A CX Trailblazer — Or Struggling to Keep Up?

See where you stand with our retail customer experience self-assessment.
Customer experience is the battlefield on which retailers must prove their worth in order to differentiate themselves from competitors, earn customers’ long-term loyalty, and grow revenue. It’s little wonder, then, that nearly 50% of retailers say that customer experience is the top priority for their business in the next five years. In order to maintain market share and stake their claim as industry leaders, retail companies must make every effort to deliver unified, omnichannel experiences that consistently exceed customer expectations.

So, where does your brand stand in the great customer experience journey? Are you a venturing voyager, still safely in the harbor but poised to set sail, or a true trailblazer, unafraid to enter unchartered territory in order to redefine the modern retail customer experience?

Find out for yourself with our in-depth self-assessment, which includes questions about:

  • Customer acquisition
  • Operational costs
  • Infrastructure modernization
  • Compliance
  • And more!

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