Security Vulnerability Assessment

4 WEEKS | $45,000 USD

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With uncertain times sending more and more employees home to work, it’s harder than ever for you to protect company assets while ensuring business continuity. Access to data and shared devices, and employees new to the remote model, all pose serious risks to your security. This assessment helps you effectively identify strengths and weaknesses in your existing security infrastructure and learn how to create an achievable, cloud-ready reference architecture.


  • Discovery, design, and planning
  • Security control and implementation
  • Networking requirements
  • Governance framework
  • Secure landing zone portal
  • Training and knowledge transfer


  • Identify strengths and weaknesses in your existing security architecture
  • Create an actionable transition plan to move forward in defined stages to remediate deficiencies, close gaps, and enhance existing threat detection
  • Safely and securely migrate critical workloads to the cloud
  • Automate processes to free up resources for more important tasks
  • Reduce overall security costs

We look forward to helping you implement new, positive initiatives in your company.