SmartFocus on Data Use

Overcoming the challenge of being data-rich and information-poor.

SmartFocus on Data Use


How will this whitepaper help me?

Today we live in the age of data. Virtually every aspect of business can now be tracked and logged. However, collecting data alone is not enough. To gain the market advantage, companies must learn to capitalize on their data and use it to gain the insights needed to predict, automate, and optimize.

This whitepaper explores data-centric strategies and solutions that CPG and retail brands can quickly deploy to be more nimble, efficient, and competitive. Download this whitepaper and discover:

  • The opportunities data provides to help you better understand your customers and be more responsive and profitable
  • Common challenges and roadblocks you might encounter and how to overcome them
  • How data can fuel the shift to becoming proactive to customer demands instead of always being reactive
  • The right technology and tools you need to aggregate and analyze your data and uncover valuable customer intelligence and insights
  • Tips for getting started with your data-driven technology initiatives and best practices for success

“Data is only useful if you, in real time, can predict something better, can automate something better, or gain an insight,” Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said at the National Retail Foundation’s NRF 2020 Vision: Retail’s Big Show. “That is the true measure of your success with data.” By using Microsoft Azure Databricks and machine learning, companies have been able to reduce inventory and still maintain customer satisfaction by avoiding  out-of-stock conditions. Technology can make data useful for sales teams as well. Distributors are able to use Microsoft  Azure product, Data Lake, to organize data  and gain insights on customer buying history,  product consumption, price savings and predictive analysis.

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