SmartFocus on the Modern Retail Data Estate

Why retailers need to modernize their data environment

SmartFocus on the Modern Retail Data Estate


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If you’re like most retailers, you have massive amounts of data but just don’t have the time, expertise, or in-house resources to manage it properly. But to maximize the value of your data, and glean the customer insights you need to gain a competitive advantage, you must find a cost-effective way to streamline and unify your data sources.

This expert whitepaper explores the challenges retailers face today when it comes to optimizing data. It also explores the reasons why you need to deploy a modern data estate and leverage analytics to add even more business benefits. Download the whitepaper to learn more about:

  • The opportunities data provides to help you better understand your customers and be more responsive and profitable, as well as the most common challenges and roadblocks in leveraging your data and how to overcome them
  • Why unifying your data sources and modernizing your data estate to streamline and manage your data is one of the best things you can do for your business
  • How modernization has made predictive analytics more accessible, and why more and more retailers are leveraging analytics-as-a-solution to be proactive about forecasting, supply chain insights, merchandise and promotion planning, customer behavior, and price optimization
  • Analytics-as-a-service in action at Classic Brands – how this national sleep products supplier is using Hitachi Solutions Empower analytics-as-a-solution to achieve more meaningful insights from their data and improving their competitiveness and efficiency
  • Tips for getting started with your data estate modernization and predictive analytics initiatives

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