SQL Server to Azure Cloud Migration

2-4 Weeks │ Starting at $25,000 USD

SQL Server to Azure Cloud Migration

How will this resource help me?

Ready to migrate and modernize? Hitachi Solutions’ Azure cloud migration from on-prem SQL server program will help solve your data challenges and future-proof your enterprise. We can give you a fresh start with minimal downtime!

Engage with us, and we’ll work collaboratively with you to find the best migration path to meet your specific needs. Our tenured experts have extensive migration and modernization experience; and are poised to ensure you can deliver the reliability, performance, and security your business stakeholders expect before, during, and after the migration effort.

Why Act?

  • SQL Server end of support or pending end of support
  • Massive gains in scalability, performance, and flexibility with Azure-based technologies
  • Migration is optimized with minimal changes due to 100% compatibility
  • Remove the need to administer and manage infrastructure so you have more time to optimize
  • Gain the ability to customize high availability, disaster recovery, and backup plans
  • Reduce exposure to security risks while maintaining compliance
  • Reduce maintenance costs inherent in managing on-prem infrastructure

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