Sustainability Manager POC

4 Weeks | USD $80,000+

Sustainability Manager POC

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Sustainability is becoming a top priority and companies today need to take control of their data to report and reduce carbon emissions. Whether you are looking to ensure compliance, enhance your reputation, or better meet DEI initiatives, Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability can help you create a safer, more sustainable business mode that can turn ambitious sustainability goals into practical, measurable actions.

Hitachi Solutions provides the experience and expertise to help you begin your sustainability journey. This proof-of-concept engagement is designed to deliver a customized Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability quick start and will allow you to embrace and leverage an innovation-led approach to managing sustainability going forward.

Key Outcomes

  • Create a POC for a comprehensive, integrated, and increasingly automated sustainability management solution
  • Integrate previously disparate data sources into a new record system to consistently deliver the foundational intelligence you need to manage sustainability initiatives effectively
  • Generate an actionable roadmap for sustainability next steps

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