Zero Trust: User Access Security Implementation​​

Starting at $80,000 USD

Zero Trust: User Access Security Implementation​​

Explicitly verify users, devices, and data retrieval with centralized detection and response ​

In the era of cloud computing and big data, the network security perimeter is gradually disintegrating, and internal and external threats are intensifying, leading to the failure of the traditional perimeter-based security architecture. The zero-trust security architecture establishes a dynamic digital identity-based perimeter key capabilities around verifying identities, devices, and access.

Why Act?

  • Provide secure employee network access support work from anywhere, at any time without draining IT resources and budgets ​
  • Realize cost savings through the simplification of the security stack​
  • Harden defenses to detect and respond to threats in real-time​
  • Get full end-to-end security coverage by tracking every user, device, and application ​
  • Reduce third party licensing costs for security tooling


A complete zero-trust security solution that includes deployment of:

  • Microsoft Endpoint Manager ​
  • RBAC, Azure AD Conditional Access ​
  • Intune MDM/MAM​
  • Cloud App Security, Data Classification


  • Network Segmentation and Protection Design
  • SIEM/SOAR Enablement
  • Azure Policy Assignment

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