Reimagine retail by seamlessly delivering a frictionless customer journey


Industry overview

Today, more than ever, consumers are in the driver’s seat. With unlimited purchasing options and a demand for immediate service, customer expectations are changing rapidly, and retailers must learn how to respond.

Significant changes in the industry have forced retailers to rethink how they connect with their customers:

  • There is increasing demand to provide a frictionless and unified experience across all channels
  • Operational silos in the supply chain must be dissolved to stay competitive
  • Ecommerce has taken over as the transaction engine, while brick and mortar stores are becoming experience centers for the customer
  • Associate training and task management are key to customer experience

This evolutionary shift calls for retailers to place the customer — what they buy, where they buy, and how they buy — at the forefront of retail planning. This data is the key to every retailer’s digital transformation, from empowering teams with the right customer information to ensuring a truly seamless customer experience.

Top Retail business challenges


  • Purchase History
  • Proximity
  • Buying Patterns and Customer Insights
  • Real-time Contextual Recommendations

Store Operations

  • Connected Store
  • Planogram Management
  • Automated Instruction for Daily Operations
  • AI-embedded Dashboard

Merchandise Management

  • Intelligent Supply Chain
  • Fulfillment (Online, BOPIS, Last Mile)
  • Price Optimization
  • Merchandise Planning

Did you know...


of retailers are implementing new supply chain initiatives

8 in 10

consumers are more likely to purchase from a company that offers personalized experiences


of retailers user behavior analytics