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Hitachi Solutions capabilities and Microsoft technologies help customers address cybersecurity end-to-end.

Today’s cybersecurity landscape continues to see an increase in attacks across all categories.  There’s more phishing, more ransomware campaigns, and more identity-centric threats.  It’s no longer enough to protect your endpoints and email separately. Instead, security teams need a unified solution that enables them to detect and respond to threats across your entire digital estate.

Hitachi Solutions experts help our customers leverage Microsoft Security to provide comprehensive threat protection delivering prevention, detection, and response across their enterprise – end-to-end.  Our Microsoft Specialization achievements showcase the depth of expertise we harness to support our customers execute their transformation initiatives – with success.

To earn a specialization, a partner must fulfill demanding requirements, such as obtaining customer references, undergoing a third-party audit, proving attainment of a relevant skill set, and meeting additional performance measurements. By meeting these strict requirements, partners validate their deep knowledge, extensive experience, and proven success at delivering tailored, customer solutions for areas of high customer demand and relevance.  For your security, partner with the best.

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What Sets Us Apart

Our goal isn’t just about securing your systems today but fortifying them for the future. Equip your organization with the ability to anticipate and neutralize threats before they harm your business leveraging Microsoft technologies and Hitachi Solutions capabilities.

At Hitachi Solutions, our first priority is to closely collaborate with you to establish a solid understanding of your organizational objectives. During this discovery, we uncover how migration & modernization will enhance processes, boost efficiency, and cut costs. Empowering customers through Microsoft applications and technologies, we work diligently to align your enterprise objectives and organizational strategy with your people and processes, ultimately empowering you to achieve more, improve time-to-value and reduce costs with the most complete tech stack.

As we all consider what we can do with AI now and in the future, we can’t overstate the importance of end-to-end security in a digitally modernized system. This is exactly where to start: modernize both your data and security infrastructures to strengthen your current security posture, so that when you’re ready to deploy AI, you won’t be vulnerable to attacks. AI solutions can only be as strong as their underlying security.

Dale Mansour

Dale Mansour
VP & GM – Security, Infrastructure & Modern Workplace

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