Fabric in a Day

When: Thursday, November 9th, 2023 | 9:00 AM – 5:00pm EST
Where: Online

How will this event help me?

Hitachi Solutions is driving organizational readiness for Microsoft Fabric’s pending general availability (GA) TODAY by building enterprise-wide alignment, understanding, training, and next steps for your unique business model.

So, when Fabric officially hits the market before the new year, our customers are prepared and ready to seamlessly and confidently transition with the working proof Fabric is right for them.

In this FREE 7-hour interactive customer workshop for you and your IT, our expert-led FIAD includes nine sessions, from intro to Fabric, to Lakehouse Architecture and Design, Understanding Pipelines, Dataflows, and Spark; an overview of Fabric warehouse; SQL Endpoints; and the data science behind it all. Not only will you explore use cases but experience the unified streaming capabilities of Microsoft Fabric.

After the workshop, you’ll:

  • Understand how Microsoft Fabric capabilities solve for your unique business model
  • Gain a working knowledge of Lakehouse and how to navigate and load data
  • Build your Dataflow skills
  • Finish your first pipeline
  • Execute a Notebook in Fabric
  • Reference real-time use cases
  • Takeaway streaming data demos
  • Have key next-steps for your enterprise

*Prior Power BI experience recommended.