Palm Springs, CA • April 25th – 27th

Join Hitachi Solutions in Palm Springs, CA, April 25th-27th, as we share how to build world-class service operations with the right technology.

Field Service USA: Palm Springs 2023

Hitachi Solutions is pleased to be attending Field Service Palm Springs at the JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort & Spa on April 25-27th, the event bringing together the world’s leading service organizations to benchmark, establish best practices, embrace new technologies, and build a strong network to enhance service business and field operations.

With future-facing content and a mix of interactive session formats that ensure organizations learn and network most effectively, Field Service Palm Springs sets up service leaders for maximum profitability and competitiveness in their business.

Are you on the path to service modernization, or just starting your journey?

As service continues to evolve in exciting new directions, Hitachi Solutions is ready to help our customers every step of the way. Book time with our team to learn more about how we help organizations build world-class service operations.

See below to get a sneak peek at some of our capabilities!

Asset Management

Planning and predicting asset maintenance helps maximize the lifespan of assets, reduce costs, and drive efficiencies in maintenance execution and analysis. Take a look at how to gain a holistic, in-depth view into asset performance, locations and configurations, work orders, and warranty information, as well as how technicians can leverage digital twins to easily perform repairs.

Not-to-Exceed Work Order Approval Process

Setting the right financial expectations with customers and vendors is not only crucial for managing the bottom line, but also for maintaining successful relationships. Watch how a not-to-exceed (NTE) work order request is quickly initiated by the technician, approved, and automatically updated on the work order.

Parts Scheduling

Allocating parts where they are needed most helps prevent unplanned downtime and unforeseen costs. Take a look at how part locations are easily identified, and how to identify and select the resources with the parts required for the work order.

Remote Assist

Now, more than ever, the ability to support a remote service model is critical to ensuring employees stay productive and deliver great customer experiences. Watch how Microsoft Teams offers a real-time view between a technician and a remote expert, along with the ability to use helpful visual aids and chat.

Mixed Reality

Mixed reality is a valuable tool for overcoming knowledge gaps and helping workers get the job done faster, with fewer errors. Watch how to set-up a step-by-step mixed reality workflow in Microsoft Guides, and how that workflow looks like to a technician in the field.