Better Together: Microsoft Power Apps and Field Service

How this powerful duo drives value and a competitive advantage

How will this webinar help me?

Microsoft Power Apps is an easy and effective way to enrich your Field Service experience and give your business a huge competitive edge. With little-to-no code experience, you can build apps and portals that:

  • Automate and extend the capabilities of Field Service
  • Improve collaboration and communication
  • Elevate customer service
  • Deliver rich user experiences

To learn more, check out our new on-demand webinar Better Together: Microsoft Power Apps and Field Service. Our industry experts Emma D’Arcy Michael Mendoza, and Shawn Tabor will take you on a 20-minute tour of Field Service, Power Apps, and Hitachi Solutions. The agenda includes:

  • An overview of Field Service and the Microsoft Power Platform landscape
  • How Power Apps and Field Service work together to drive value and provide a better overall experience
  • Key examples and use cases of Power Apps for Field Service
  • The benefits of connecting Power Apps and Field Service for your organization

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