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Through our comprehensive business advisory services, we guide, advise, simplify, and support your end-to-end digital vision — from strategy and planning, through to deployment and testing, security, governance and compliance, change adoption and training, and continuous monitoring and maintenance. Our advisory services include business, digital, and change advisory.

Take a look at this helpful infographic to learn the ABCD and E’s about our unique advisory approach, and how it can help you move forward with confidence and swiftly and successfully achieve your data and business system modernization goals.

Connecting Business Value

When you’re ready for your digital innovation journey to continue, your people and processes are critical at every juncture for success. We help you confirm your strategy and map out how best to approach digital transformation for your people to adapt, adopt and embrace the change.

How We Engage

Our advisory engagement approach depends on your business model and where you are on your digital journey. Once you’re ready for innovation to move your vision forward, we help you confirm your process through strategic planning, envisioning and change management. After your plan is mapped out, we take it out for a test drive. We partner with you to pilot a prototype of your solution based on what we know to confirm your approach and how it impacts your people.

Making the Case for Advisory Services

How we helped one customer prepare their enterprise for future growth

Often, our customers come to us because they need help standardizing their processes as they prepare for digital innovation. This may be a direct outcome of disparate systems, different locations, multiple strategies for engaging with data, or any number of processes that create siloes for an enterprise, as it did for one manufacturing customer.

Our Solution

  • Through Hitachi Solutions Advisory Services, we led our customer through a series of workshops to align objectives, goals, strategies and measures (OGSM) for success before digital transformation. Key deliverables included visualizing the customer lifecycle, identifying opportunities for a better customer experience, and clarifying the desired future state with measurable performance indicators. This outlined priorities for digital innovation and mapped out next steps.

The Outcomes

  • We helped confirm leadership consensus and alignment to communicate the impact for all employees to engage and drive innovation forward for better business outcomes. Findings from our work led to a new field sales application, leveraging new processes for a better customer journey.

We’re With You All the Way

No matter what disruptors are blowing through your business, we help map and guide you to a better way forward for everyone, from start to finish — and beyond!

Together, we deliver solutions your entire community will embrace. Before the technology is delivered, we write your desired destination into a business solution that drives your narrative forward. So in the end, your story doesn’t get lost in technology, but the solution helps your unique voice fly above the rest.

Engage with our experts to strategize, test and transform with industry insight, understanding, learning, and readiness. If you want innovation to impact your entire enterprise and drive faster value, then you lead with advisory.

We’re not trying to reinvent your business. We’re partnering with you to future-proof it.




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